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The God of Shadows

One of the first beings in the universe, Erebos is the primordial god of Darkness and the ruler of the lightless place between earth and the Underworld.

The son of Chaos, Erebos fears the concept of light and fire, and therefore, he is a firm supporter of Zeus and his plan to keep enlightenment from humankind.

With his wife, Nyx (Night), Erebos is the father of several important deities, including Hypnos (Sleep), Thanatos (Death), Styx (Hate), Hemera (Day), Nemesis (Retribution), and the Moirai (the three Fates).

He will do all that he can to ensure that Prometheus, the Fire-bringer fails and that his fate is a bleak one.

Watch for Erebos’ shady appearance in our upcoming short film #PrometheusBound

Erebos portrayed by Christopher Surette


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