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Heracles The Hero

Descended from heroes and honored for his strength and courage, Heracles is one champion that you can always count on to do the right thing - even when the consequences are sure to be dire.

The son of Zeus and his lover, this powerful demi-god was despised and tormented by Zeus’ wife, Hera, who never forgave her husband’s betrayal.

Still, a faithful friend to his fellow immortals - and to man, Heracles is willing to risk his father's’ fury and his own demise to end Prometheus’ suffering at the hands of Zeus. But trapped beneath the underworld in the darkest corner of Tartarus, even Heracles’ unmatched strength may not be enough to free the fire-bringer and save man.

Watch this powerful hero in action, in the upcoming #PrometheusUnchained.

Heracles portrayed by Elliott Totten


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