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Color Stain


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Project Loglines

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Prometheus Bound


Prometheus Unchained

Gentle Psyche faces a challenge when Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, becomes jealous of her  remarkable mortal beauty and the healing power of her pure soul. The angry goddess sends her son Eros, to punish the girl, but even the huntsman is no match for Psyche's powers.

The fight for justice is never ending. Imprisoned by Zeus for giving fire, knowledge and hope to mankind, Prometheus is visited in his dark cell by friends and enemies desperate to convince him to give in to the king of the gods. Each has their own reasons, but Prometheus knows a secret that Zeus would kill for.


In this updated version of Aeschylus classic tale, Zeus may be all-powerful, but Prometheus is still the smartest guy in the room. 

Compassion is key. The stakes grow far higher in this exciting sequel to Prometheus Bound. 


Imprisoned by Zeus for giving Immortal flame to the humans, Prometheus has been sentenced to eternity in Tartarus; the lowest place in the Underworld. 


There, in his chains, the hero is visited by friends, and treacherous enemies who have lost everything in Zeus' corrupt war and blame their devastation on the Firebringer. 


But Prometheus stills holds a secret powerful enough to bring down the king and save them all. 

Catch The Wind.jpeg

Catch The Wind

Running down the course of life, Rigel is confronted with choices for her future, in this updated story of Atalanta. Here, Rigel must decide wether to simply accept what fate puts in front of her, or to make her own destiny.

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