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About Random Magic

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Our mission is to create unique and outstanding classic films for international distribution and to foster a supportive creative environment made up of spectacularly talented and passionate individuals from all film disciplines.

Our Story



While officially incorporated in 2019, the company had already long been producing award-winning films based on classics, legends, mythology, and literature, including:

Catch the Wind, a seven-minute short film, written and directed by Maddalena Kingsley, which was selected for eight film festivals and has won five film awards.

In fact, the company had plans to attend a Festival in Italy, to accept an award in 2020, when the global pandemic shuttered the festival.


Disappointed to miss the chance to meet with other filmmakers, we returned to our home state with plans to remain there during the pandemic and we were thrilled to learn that so many of our long time film friends did the same.



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Excited for the chance to continue our creative work during the pandemic, we built a blackbox theatre in our home, and began work with a small group of actors.


As the pandemic lessened, our group grew and the short and feature films we produced were selected into prestigious film festivals all over the world.


By then, the company had grown so much, that in 2022, we purchased a large, state-of-the-art studio of our own to continue our work.


In this beautiful new space, we have recently completed production on our latest films, which are scheduled to be competed soon!


Please check back for trailers, clips, images, and updates!



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