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The fight for justice is never ending. Imprisoned by Zeus for giving fire, knowledge and hope to mankind, Prometheus is visited in his dark cell by friends and enemies desperate to convince him to give in to the king of the gods. Each has their own reasons, but Prometheus knows a secret that Zeus would kill for. In this updated version of Aeschylus classic tale, Zeus may be all-powerful, but Prometheus is still the smartest guy in the room. 

Compassion is Key

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"The lives of the blind and the helpless depend on the selfless bravery of those who can see."


"Once their every action was without reason or understanding. I showed them the rising and setting of the sun and how to admire them without fear. I invented for them the subtle science of numbers, and the way to join letters into words, I showed them how to mix potions with the power to alter the course of any illness. All of the earths riches in gold, silver, bronze, and iron, I gave to them freely. All human arts were gifts of Prometheus."

— Prometheus

Based off of Aeschylus' famous Greek Tragedy, Prometheus Bound is a short film that retells the classic story of Prometheus' harsh imprisonment. 

The film deals with powerful themes, such as, fate and free will, compassion and forgiveness, the law of the king versus the natural law, and pride.

The Fire-Thief 

Actors getting getting ready

for hair and makeup.

Dressing Room

Prologue Scene Set

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