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Messenger of the Titans

Winged sister of Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, Arke was the personification of the fainter second rainbow.

Both Arke and Iris served as messengers of the gods, but when the Olympians attacked the Titans for control of the cosmos, Iris betrayed her friends and sided with Zeus and the Olympians, while Arke remained loyal to the Titans.

When the Olympians finally won the war, Zeus flung Arke into Tartarus along with the rest of the vanquished Titans, however, even that did not satisfy his anger. He wished to ensure that the gentle goddess could never help anyone ever again, and so he tore Arke’s powerful wings from her shoulders and gave them to his friends, Thetis and Peleus as a wedding present. Thetis later gave them to her son Achilles, to wear upon his feet.

Still, like so many trapped in Tartarus, Arke hopes that Prometheus will find a way to free them and restore justice to the cosmos.

Watch for Arke in the upcoming short film #PrometheusUnchained.

Arke portrayed by Alice Van Arsdale


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