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The Broken Titan

If there is one immortal with the ability to challenge the cerebral might of Prometheus, it is Coeus, the Titan god of intellect, rational thought, and farsightedness. But smart as he is, this deity is no match for the fire bringer’s heart.

Also the personification of the celestial axis around which the constellations revolve,

Coeus is as cold and remote as the most distant star, and he lacks all pity for the plight of the humans. He sees mortals as beneath his notice and completely unworthy of intellect and reason. According to him, these, and all other higher gifts should be reserved for the gods alone.

Coeus also refuses to trust Prometheus’ selflessness. He assumes that his kind counterpart must have an ulterior motive, and so, he opts for the tidiest solution - arrest Prometheus and put down the rebellion before it starts.

Aloof, elite, and frosty to the core, the only thing this genius can’t foresee is that in the end, the kindness of Prometheus will be the only thing that can save him from a fate worse than death.

Watch for Coeus in our upcoming short film #PrometheusBound.

Coeus portrayed by Joseph Byrne


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