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The Benevolent King

As a friend and protector of mankind, Prometheus hoped to find humans deserving of the gift of fire and enlightenment and worthy of the trust of the gods. He found all of these in the person of King Telegonus. Benevolent and wise, generous and famously kind, Telegonus, the king of the distant land beyond the wine dark sea, represented all that was best in humankind.

After her many trials and frightful wanderings, Io finally met and married this wonderful king and lived with him happily for the rest of her life. Together, Io and Telegonus ruled their people with great compassion and through their shining example, beget generations of heroes. Among these were Perseus, who conquered Medusa, Cadmus, the slayer of the fearsome Ismenian dragon (and the archetype of every future hero) and as predicted by the fire bringer himself, the mighty Hercules, the mighty champion who set Prometheus free.

Watch for King Telegonus in the upcoming short film, #PrometheusBound, and see where the phrase, "Happily Ever After” got its start.

King Telegonus portrayed by Christopher Surette


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