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The Battle God

If all is fair in love and war, it might be thanks to Ares, the Olympian god of war, bravery, battle-lust, and civil order. When this Immortal isn't fighting, he is busy chasing goddesses - especially the beautiful Aphrodite, goddess of love and wife of the god’s blacksmith, Hephaestus.

Despised by his own father, Zeus and his mother, Hera, for his warlike ways, Ares is mostly all about fury and it is very rare for him to resist a fight. But even this tough guy has a gentle side - especially when it comes to his beautiful daughter, Harmonia, goddess of Harmony. But don’t count on seeing any of that hidden soft side in the upcoming short film, “Prometheus Bound”. The war god despises Prometheus and he is determined to make the fire-bringer suffer. Watch and see if he succeeds.

See Ares in our upcoming short film #PrometheusBound

Ares portrayed by Douglas Mitchell


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