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Keepers Of The Flame

Tasked by Zeus to create beings to serve as slaves to the immortals, Prometheus moulded humans from the clay of the new earth. He worked hard to make humankind beautiful, courageous, skillful, and curious, and he quickly saw that man could be so much more than Zeus had intended.

Prometheus loved mankind dearly and he wanted them to have happy lives, but Zeus despised these mortal beings and he commanded Prometheus to destroy his creation.

When Prometheus refused, Zeus vowed to rid the cosmos of all traces of humankind. He tried many times, but each time Prometheus gave mortals new gifts to make them stronger, smarter, and less vulnerable.

Furious Zeus offered Prometheus one last chance to obey his command. But Prometheus loved man and he believed in their worth and goodness, and so he defied Zeus’ orders and saved mankind by giving them the most powerful gift in all the cosmos. This was the source of understanding and enlightenment known as Divine Flame.

Humankind was safe from Zeus at last, but Prometheus would pay a terrible price for his defiance, and for his belief in the virtue of humankind.

Was he right to trust us? Time will tell.

Be a thankful mortal and watch our new upcoming short film #PrometheusBound

The Mortal portrayed by Sarah Van Arsdale


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