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Force and Fury

If there is one goddess on Mount Olympus that you don’t want to mess with, it is Bia, the fearsome goddess of force and power.

One of the four warlike children of Pallas; the Titan god of battle and Styx, the Titan of hatred, Bia is the merciless enforcer of Zeus’ will and defender of the king of the god’s complete authority.

Bia demands total obedience to Zeus’ every command and takes great pleasure in ordering merciless brutality to any who disobey.

She and her siblings Kratos (god of violence), Nike (goddess of victory), and Zelus, (god of zeal), ride ahead of Zeus’ carriage and force everyone they encounter to demonstrate their loyalty and love for the king…or else.

Watch for Bia in the upcoming short film “Prometheus Bound” portrayed by Cassidy Reyes. She is a force to be reckoned with. #PrometheusBound

Bia portrayed by Cassidy Reyes


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